Art Deco

TOIL BEHIND THE GLAMOUR ! Frieze show men at work - Eros Cinema

This magnificent frieze for the auditorium wall can be seen at Eros Cinema in Mumbai if you are watching a movie in the mezzanine floor !  A Grand design to compliment the grandeur of hollywood musicals that were seen in this cinema, including My Fair Lady which screened here continuously for almost a year in the 1960s. The sculptural work depicts the toils of stage set design behind the grand cinematic experience.  Illustrated from my book  Bombay Art Deco Architecture.  

ALCOVE LIGHTING DESIGN - A Streamlined Silhouette

Sculpted into the centre of wall and ceiling for continuous alcove lighting brings a whole new feeling to emphasize design than alcove lighting more commonly designed at the corners of a ceiling.  I am Inspired by the alcove lighting design employed for the Art Deco New Empire Cinema in Mumbai.  An Illustration from my book “Bombay Art Deco Architecture”.  

STEAMSHIP AGE DOOR DESIGN ! New Empire Cinema in Art Deco Mumbai

This entrance door for New Empire Cinema in Mumbai, inspired by steamship age design uses a porthole design carved out in a solid teak wood door and sculpted stainless steel panels to emphasise a wavelike theme for the door.