Art Deco


Art on the ceiling is often passed by when designing.  However, it can take center stage in a restaurant because the ceiling is like a huge blank canvas available to play with and introduce something dramatic.  Get inspired by this ceiling mosaic created for the Tamara Bistro in South Miami Beach’s Art Deco hotel - The National.  Tamara de Lempicka, the modernist polish born artist very inspired by cubism was a well recognized painter from the roaring 1920s.  If you are in South Miami Beach do not miss dining here for an ambiance of the 1920s.  The mosaic was inspired by “Young Lady in Green” c. 1927. The original Oil painting on plywood created by the artist can be viewed at The National Museum of Modern Art in Paris.  A nostalgic memory of my yesteryears in Miami Beach’s Art Deco district. 


A PLAY OF SYMMETRY AND ASSYMETRY - Lobby floor design in marble

An Art Deco design for a lobby floor of the commercial building (Manekji Wadia Building) in Mumbai.  A playful balance of symmetry and asymmetry containing linear and circular segments for the design composition.  An illustration from my book “Bombay Art Deco Architecture”  

TROPICAL DECO - Revealed in South Miami Beach Architecture

Discover TROPICAL DETAILS such as these as you walk past and admire the architectural facades of the Miami Beach Art Deco District.  Buildings and illustration from my book “Bombay Art Deco Architecture” contrast similar TROPICAL DECO details in Mumbai’s Art Deco buildings.

EMBROIDERED VELVET CURTAIN For Art Deco Preview Cinema -The Liberty

The exterior architecture of the Liberty Art Deco Cinema in Mumbai is very musically inspired with keys of a piano sculpted into the facade.  This inspiration extends to the design of its preview cinema interiors where a custom embroidered drop curtain creates an environment of music in the air. An illustration from my book “ Bombay Art Deco Architecture “