TOIL BEHIND THE GLAMOUR ! Frieze show men at work - Eros Cinema

This magnificent frieze for the auditorium wall can be seen at Eros Cinema in Mumbai if you are watching a movie in the mezzanine floor !  A Grand design to compliment the grandeur of hollywood musicals that were seen in this cinema, including My Fair Lady which screened here continuously for almost a year in the 1960s. The sculptural work depicts the toils of stage set design behind the grand cinematic experience.  Illustrated from my book  Bombay Art Deco Architecture.  

A PLAY OF SYMMETRY AND ASSYMETRY - Lobby floor design in marble

An Art Deco design for a lobby floor of the commercial building (Manekji Wadia Building) in Mumbai.  A playful balance of symmetry and asymmetry containing linear and circular segments for the design composition.  An illustration from my book “Bombay Art Deco Architecture”  

ALCOVE LIGHTING DESIGN - A Streamlined Silhouette

Sculpted into the middle of the ceiling and adjoining wall, this fluid alcove lighting concept was employed for Mumbai’s Art Deco Cinema - New Empire, designed in the 1940s. A Deco detail that introduces an innovative expression to lighting design - when alcove lighting is more commonly designed at the corners of a ceiling rather than sculpted in the middle, as seen in this design illustration. Image shared from my book, “Bombay Art Deco Architecture”.  


This magnificent Art Deco cinema, The Paramount Theatre completed in 1931 is still intact and has been restored to its original glory with gratitude to The Oakland East Bay Symphony for this restoration effort.  Owned by The City of Oakland it has been designated a historic landmark since 1977.  You can still see Classic movie screenings in grand regalia for just $ 5.00 (as of Jan 2015) in addition to Symphonies and Jazz Concerts.  Former President Bill Clinton was also here for a speaking engagement in Feb 2015 !  If you are visiting San Francisco, a trip to this theatre in Oakland is a must. Visit their website for current shows before you go.  A big thank you to Michael Kinerk ( Chairman Emeritus of The Miami Design Preservation League ) for inviting me to celebrate his birthday here and introducing me to the interior design of this architectural masterpiece !