TOIL BEHIND THE GLAMOUR ! Frieze show men at work - Eros Cinema

This magnificent frieze for the auditorium wall can be seen at Eros Cinema in Mumbai if you are watching a movie in the mezzanine floor !  A Grand design to compliment the grandeur of hollywood musicals that were seen in this cinema, including My Fair Lady which screened here continuously for almost a year in the 1960s. The sculptural work depicts the toils of stage set design behind the grand cinematic experience.  Illustrated from my book  Bombay Art Deco Architecture.  


Definitely, the kitchen is where everyone likes to gather !  It takes centre stage in your home.  Don’t miss these top 10 Eat-in Kitchen designs selected by HGTV.  They feature some of the best Kitchen Interior Architects and Designers from New York to California.  Treat yourself to a slideshow of their work !  Thank you HGTV.

ART DECO POSTER CELEBRATING Miami Beach’s 28th Annual Art Deco Weekend Festival

Amongst the line up of great events hosted at Miami Beach’s annual Art Deco Weekend Festival you can interact with great Poster Artists that capture this era in their work.  Oren Sherman whose art is featured here was selected to be the Poster Artist for the 28th Annual Art Deco Weekend festival which  I had the honour of Co-Chairing with Steve Pynes in Miami Beach. Time your visit to Miami Beach during this great festival.  Visit the page of The Miami Design Preservation League (or click the image) for more information about the next annual Art Deco festival and learn more about program initiatives to preserve the cultural Art Deco heritage of Miami Beach.

EMBROIDERED VELVET CURTAIN For Art Deco Preview Cinema -The Liberty

The exterior architecture of the Liberty Art Deco Cinema in Mumbai is very musically inspired with keys of a piano sculpted into the facade.  This inspiration extends to the design of its preview cinema interiors where a custom embroidered drop curtain creates an environment of music in the air. An illustration from my book “ Bombay Art Deco Architecture “