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Architectural Design coffee table book, Bombay Art Deco Architecture


Bombay Art Deco Architecture, is my first published book.  It was a labour of love to share the design style of Mumbai’s Art Deco neighbourhoods where I grew up, with the West.  The vision began when I was working in Miami Beach and where I led walking tours of the Miami Beach Art Deco District for many years as a volunteer for The Miami Design Preservation League.

Leading these tours I began to re-discover the Art Deco design details of so many buildings in the neighbourhoods where I grew up in Mumbai in parallel context to the architectural design I spoke of on my Miami Beach Art Deco walking tours.  It became a passion to photograph these design details of Mumbai’s Art Deco Architecture over the years, which evolved into a multi-continent collaboration for the birth of my book. The objective was to focus on the design styles that inspired Art Deco more than the city’s urban history. I was thrilled to know it was appreciated worldwide, received an award in Miami Beach and also ranked as a Top 10 Bestseller in India after publication.

Eleven years after the publication of the book, Mumbai’s primary Art Deco District was finally designated a world heritage site by UNESCO in June 2018! What a joy for the city of my youth! A big thank you goes to the city’s conservation architects and so many citizen activists for working hard for this nomination and for furthering the education of this heritage in Mumbai and India.

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